RAADFest 2017

-1Aging and dying sucks. That should be the motto of RAADFest, the conference that explores the very cutting edge of anti aging/longevity research and therapies. I, being a politically incorrect jerk, would have used that motto, because it’s true, but the RAADFest organizers have chosen the motto “Take your place in the revolution against aging and death” which is more descriptive than my motto I suppose. The goal of RAADFest is to explore “radical” life extension via the latest technologies as well as look at emerging and future technologies. This goes way past things like good nutrition, supplements and exercise, all of which can help slow aging and prevent the diseases of aging, none will stop it.
The ultimate goal of RAADFest and its speakers and attendees, is to put an end to aging and death, and that may in fact be a reality sooner than many realize. The overall tone of RAADFest being one of “transhumanism” which is “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.” Assuming we don’t snuff ourselves out as a species in the coming decades due to being short sighted and small minded, the transhumanism movement will be science fact vs. fiction according to many scientists. I tend to agree.

I was not sure what to expect at this conference, but was pleasantly surprised by some of the information presented by the various speakers that was far ranging and often loaded with useful information people can put to use right now. As a semi conservative scientist type, some of it requires more research in my view before I’d personally use it or recommend it, but most of it very much worth tracking and possibly using. As you might expect, such a conference and the topic attracts a wide range of people, from brilliant well regarded scientists to people who are…well…umm… not that. Some were more of the inspirational speaker variety, some more a philosophical bent. This was not your typical dry scientific conference but an overall celebration of life.
I would say that for those interested in the topic, it’s not nearly as far away as you may think, there are existing treatments to consider, there are breakthrough therapies on the verge of being offered, and this is a very exciting time to be alive. Would I like to live longer than the supposed 120 year human maximum barrier or forever? If I could do so an active healthy person, yes, sign me up. If it was just to sit there and be old yet live longer as a person who could not really experience and enjoy life, no.
scientists-are-cracking-the-genetic-secrets-of-really-old-peopleThe goal of RAADFest and its presenters clearly had a goal of the former, which made me feel better about the idea of “radical” life extension. Those interested in seeing the topics covered, or better yet, getting your hands on the full conference via video, can go HERE for more information. In terms of what I mentioned above regarding the fact that there are some cutting edge anti aging therapies being offered right now that may add not just years to your life but life to your years, the non-profit org “The Society for the Rescue of Our Elders” is the place to start. They will also be offering the ability to be part of self-funded clinical research, which is novel approach to accelerating the search for effective safe anti aging therapies. I’m all for gold standard double blind published studies in high impact peer reviewed journals, but they take a great deal of money and time, and this appears one effective way to accelerate the process of getting the answers people want now. Why? Cuz aging and dying sucks that’s why…
Now, you may be of the opinion aging and dying is a natural part of life, and that’s fine. Some do not share that view, and for those people, I’d highly recommend attending future RADDFest conferences, getting the vids from the 2017 conference that just took place, and check out The Society for the Rescue of Our Elders web page and consider joining. logo-new-6
PS, yours truly may have some direct involvement in the The Society for the Rescue of Our Elders in the near future, so stay tuned on that one.



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