The TacFit Commando program is a bodyweight-only program designed to get people into top physical condition. That’s not as hard to do as it sounds. However, getting people into top physical condition, maintaining it, and avoiding injuries, over-use syndromes, and over-training syndromes, is another matter altogether. Many programs will achieve the former, and very few will achieve the latter. TacFit Commando is such a program. It’s not the latest greatest program to jump on the “functional fitness” bandwagon by slapping together a bunch of unrelated exercises, it’s a well thought out well designed program that follows many of the core principles I have been writing about for years. Why do most programs fail in the long run? Here’s why:

They are Linear program designs (lack of Periodization!)

•Lack de-training/de loading periods

•Lack of planned progression

•Lack of specific goals

•Fail to match training to goals

•Fail to track specific goals

Any program that does not incorporate those essential variables, will always fail in the long term, lead to injury, and or a general lack of progress and diminishing returns to effort put in. I’m happy to report, the TacFit Commando program does not suffer from any of the above problems, and approaches those essential variables commendably. This program has been thought through, and incorporates movement patterns and programming that that should yield the results people desire.

As someone who works with athletes, the general public, and tactical law enforcement (e.g., SWAT, etc) I always appreciate a program that follows what I consider the essential core principles of any good program. Not surprisingly, TacFit has a following with various members of the special operations military community as well as others who must be “tactically fit” such as first responders from firemen to law enforcement.

I also like how the program differentiates between the common over used marketing term “functional fitness” vs. targeted general physical preparedness (GPP) that is not trying to be all things to all people, but a program many can utilize to get into great overall shape.

This program is for anyone – first responders of all kinds, the general public, etc – who want to use a bodyweight only program to burn calories, greatly improve their strength to bodyweight ratio, build endurance where and when it counts, and avoid over training and injuries in the long run.

The only group I don’t see this being a good fit, are those who are focused primarily on building muscle mass (e.g., bodybuilders) and those primarily focused on absolute strength, such as power lifters, etc.

At the same time, I have recommended all strength athletes incorporate some form of GPP (see my vids and blogs on that topic) and there’s no reason TacFit could not be used for that purpose, but some “tweaking” would need to be done to make it fit into the program of bodybuilders and other strength athletes. For info on TacFit: Commando-Fatloss



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