With my good luck No Bull shirt on, I tried out a 10 X 3 front squat day. Having not done this rep scheme before (popular with coaches such as Chad Waterbury and others) on this particular exercise, I didn’t use the recommended 80-85% 1RM, but probably more like 70% -75%. I have to admit, rest periods after about set 6 -7 started to get longer and form started to suffer on later sets, so finding the right weight is essential for such a rep scheme. I’m getting old…10 x3 rep schemes are clearly not for beginners.

Personally, I don’t follow 10 x 3 rep schemes for long periods of time. I tend to throw them into a workout when in need something different, help get past a plateau, etc. and find it combines well with my Hybrid Training Program which attempts to be a balanced program for those looking for strength, hypertrophy, conditioning, and improvements in bodycomp.

Those interested in understanding the science/thought process behind the 10 X 3 should read Chad’s article aptly named The Science of 10 x 3 on T Nation.



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