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If you’ve  been following my stuff for a while via vids, articles, and blog posts, you know I  have been working with push sleds  for years now with people from all walks of life. SWAT teams, fitness models, strong man competitors, body builders, IFBB pro Figure competitors, to Joe/Jane every day fitness enthusiast, and those looking to shed some weight,  to name just a few. The longer I use the sled with an ever wider variety of people with varying goals, the more convinced I became that the push sled is  tBrinkZone Sled-Centric Programhe single most effective strength and conditioning tool known to mankind. Push sleds from various manufacturers  have become very popular as of late, and for damn good reason; or as creator of the highly popular 5/3/1 program, elite ranked power lifter, and strength coach Jim Wendler  says of sled work:

I am thoroughly convinced that the Prowler is the answer to most of our world’s problems: debt, overpopulation, drugs, obesity, etc. “

Ok, a slight exaggeration, but only slight! The fact is, a good quality push sled  used correctly – in my view – one of  the single most effective strength and conditioning tools ever invented.  It’s whole body kick ass training nothing I’m aware of can match, and when combined as a cohesive program, impressive gains in strength, conditioning, and body composition are the result.  I also find sled work allows people with various preexisting injuries and tendinopathies to make continued progress. If you already have a push sled, and have been working with it for some time, then you already know that.  If not, well, find a push sled, or purchase one, and discover that for yourself. Enter, the BrinkZone Sled-Centric Program (BSCP) which is the Ultimate Program For The Ultimate Whole Body Strength & Conditioning Tool.å

Origins of the The Sled-Centric Program

The BSCP came about after years of working with all manner of people on the sled as mentioned above. No matter the goal, they always experienced benefits. People always asking me how to incorporate sled work into their programs a common issue, of which  there’s endless possibilities  But, I found people wanted a specific program they could follow. I noted that people tend to add sled work to their programs in a more haphazard afterthought then as part of a structured program. Perhaps the biggest mistake I see is people use the sleds for GPP/conditioning work, but rarely if ever for strength development. That’s a mistake in my view.

Enter the BSCP!

I developed the BSCP for those looking to maximize the benefits of push sleds. It’s a full program – covering upper and lower body – I have used with people looking to see new progress in their overall strength, conditioning, and body composition. Instead of the sled being used peripherally in their routine or “throwing in some sled work,” as the most common approach, the sled is at the center of this program and uses it to its maximum potential. The BSCP is a program that will help you to break plateaus in strength in the primary lifts (e.g., squats, deads, etc.), improve body composition, and get old school primal strong on the push sled, which will have cross-over benefits. It’s also a great program for those looking for something very different than they have been following, without detracting from their long term goals of increasing strength, muscle mass, and performance. Most will notice an improvement in all those areas of focus if/when they go back to their more traditional programming as focused sled work has excellent overlap,  and why so many top S&C coaches and strength athletes of all kinds have adopted sled training so readily.

Get Your Push On with the BSCP HERE or hit the photo above.


NOTE: You do not need a Prowler sled for this program, but you do need access to a quality push sled that you can push and pull using low and high handles. Basically a sled that allows you to do the same stuff you can do on a Prowler II sled of which there are many to choose from.

NOTE II: You do NOT need a Kindle reader to read it as Amazon offers free readers for phone, computer, etc HERE

Dr Peter Chiang of Northeastern Chiropractic shows what going  heavy on the sled looks like and 


 The gents from NEMLEC SWAT doing killer conditioning work on the sled:


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