Vegetarian vs. Omnivores!

One topic I see on forums and discussion groups that invariably turns into a heated debate (read flame war) is the topic of vegetarian diets and vegetarians in general. I was recently on a forum and the heading of a thread was “Do Vegetarians Disgust You?” Disgust seems like an awfully strong term to apply to a group of people who have decided to have differing dietary habits than the poster of such a thread. Pedophiles disgust me. People who attempt to take away my Constitutional Rights disgust me. There’s a lot of issues in this world deserving of disgust, but if vegetarians disgust you, you need to get a life.

Having said that, I can say I do find some of the more sanctimonious vegetarians annoying at times. If a person chooses not to eat meat for personal/ethical/religious reasons, that’s fine with me, and I can respect that decision. It’s the vegetarians that start making statements like “humans were not meant to eat meat” and other easy to disprove vegetarian mythology when I get annoyed.

My favorite vegetarians are the ones who “only eat chicken and fish.” News flash, you are not a vegetarian…

Another peeve I have is, if vegetarians dislike meat, why are so many foods sold to them all designed to look like and taste like meat: vege burgers, vege hot dogs, and even vege products shaped like animals??!! Vege tofu turkey anyone? Clearly, there is a conscious or unconscious longing for some meat in the vegetarian community, or such products would not sell so well.

This is not meant to be a vegetarian bashing post by any means, and as stated, I respect those vegetarians that have chosen the dietary life-style due to their own personal/ethical/religious reasons, and I support their rights to do so. Although my diets in Fat Loss Revealed or Bodybuilding Revealed are not specifically designed to support vegetarian diets per se, we have plenty of vegetarians on the forums who have used the info in either ebook to improve/alter their nutrition for the better.

As with any diet, there are some well thought out healthy vegetarian diets, and some horrible vegetarian diets. For example, I had a client “back in the day” when I owned my private training business who only ate pizza and ice cream. He was obese and his cholesterol was sky high, but he was a vegetarian! He thought by the shear fact he didn’t eat meat, he was a healthy person… The point being, not all vegetarian diets are healthy by default, nor is a diet that incorporates meat (personal/ethical/religous issues not withstanding) unhealthy by default either. Both nutritional choices can be healthy, and based on the data that exists and my own experiences, if gaining muscle and strength is a specific goal, I would give the edge to those who incorporate meat into their diets.

The bottom line in, there are plenty of healthy meat eaters out there and plenty of unhealthy vegetarians, so examine your nutrition with an objective eye and don’t rely on the mythology and dogma of any eating plan for your long term health, fitness, and well being.



Will Brink is the owner of the Brinkzone Blog. Will has over 15 years experience as a respected author, columnist and consultant, to the supplement, fitness, bodybuilding, and weight loss industry and has been extensively published. Will graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in the natural sciences, and is a consultant to major supplement, dairy, and pharmaceutical companies.


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