Actually went to a Celine Dion concert last night! Shocker number two, it didn’t suck! In fact, the woman can sing her a$$ off. Before I get to that, how did I end up at a Celine Dion concert?

My friend Jen is a big Celine Dion fan. She purchased two expensive 8th row floor tickets. Her husband refused to go with her stating no ‘self respecting hetero manly man would ever be caught dead at a Celine Dion’ concert and other “not in my life time” related comments… No one wanted to go, so I, being the stand up “take one for the team” kinda guy I am, said “fine, I’ll go with you to Celine Dion” when seeing her obvious distress. On our way out the door, with a tear in his eye, her husband Matt said “I owe you one brother” and off we went…

OK, back to the concert. Did I say it didn’t suck? It didn’t suck. She did music from Freddy Mercury, Tina Turner, James Brown, and others, and did an amazingly good job of it. If anyone told me Celine Dion would do “It’s a man’s world” by James Brown, and do it well, I would have considered that a mathematical impossibility…To boot, she puts on a great stage show (sure it’s cheese, but it’s good cheese!) and for her age, looks great in the various very small outfits she wore.

So here I am at a Celine Dion concert, with the middle aged women, young women (note, some very good looking girls go to Celine Dion concerts…) and gay men, with my freakin’ jaw hanging open because it’s a great concert!

What’s the world coming to next, world peace? Will I be running out to buy a Celine Dion CD? Nope, but I can say I have a new respect and appreciation for the women, and if you ever get offered a free ticket as I did, it will not be the worst two hours of your life as a hetero manly man might expect…



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