As many of you know, I’m not a fan of Planet Fitness’s general policies, their insulting commercials, etc. If not familiar with all that, my prior blog, with a few of their commercials and such can be found here: Will comments on Planet Fitness and A Visit To Planet Fitness. People accused me of exaggerating the issue and such, but I knew differently. I thought maybe my cartoon vid on Planet Fitness (see linked blogs) might be a tad exaggerated, and it’s clear it was not! :)

The Daily Show with John Stewart did a segment on Planet Fitness which shows them for the company they are. Had I written the script myself for the person they sent to represent the company, I could not have done a better job making them look so ridiculous as Jason Jones does in this (must see!!!) segment of the Daily Show called:

The Plight of Muscled Americans

I rest my case!!!!



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