Don’t usually comment on such things…..What does he have to apologize for? He’s an athlete, not a politician where his judgments can impact others (even though most politicians are screwing everything that moves…) so I can’t figure why he, or others, apologize to the public like that. Just once I would like someone like him to walk up the mic and say “It’s between me and my wife and none of your damn business. I hit golf balls for a living, nothing more, nothing less. See you all on the golf course” and walk away.

The only “mistake” Tiger made was getting married. However, philandering men of the wealthy/famous variety are par for the course (excuse the pun) with such men, and always have been and always will be.

News flash: wealthy/famous men, due to the nature of the male species, culture, etc, given easy access to sex, will more often then not, take advantage of it.

People really need to (1) get a life and (2) stop the hero worship of athletes and looking to athletes as examples of good moral/ethical behavior. They are by and large just over paid kids given way too much credit beyond what they do well in their particular sport.

Only lesson here is, the same old lesson: if you are going to use your fame/wealth to bang everything that moves, DON’T get married. But please, when you get “caught”  – and you WILL get caught – man up about it vs.  giving into the pressure to save your all American (invented) persona.

Sorry for the rant. :o

PS, the above is a rhetorical question. The reason he/they have to go on public TV and eat humble pie is about $$$. If you don’t go on TV and talk about what a horrible person you are, how you made terrible mistakes, yada yada, and so forth, they lose  contracts/endorsements if they don’t get their PR machine back up and running.As usual, comes down to good old money.



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