This is a GREAT version of the pull-up that’s going to challenge your strength and determination! Because during the pull-up (while holding at the top), you’re actually going to be shifting your hands out to the sides, then back in.

This is going to hit the back isometrically while targeting different aspects of the back during the movement itself.

You’ll need to be strong on pull-ups before attempting this one….though that being said, you can also work this same concept into an Inverted Row exercise, with your feet set on the ground and body at an angle.

First, take a palms-forward, close grip on the bar. Then pull yourself up.


Now, holding that position, quickly slide/jump your right hand out to the side.


It’s important to note, don’t try and keep tension on that right hand while you move it…friction will not allow you to. You need to release tension on that side so you can slide your hand out wide without resistance. This will put almost all your weight onto one arm.

Hold for a second or two then slide your right hand back towards the center.


Now slide your LEFT hand out wide and hold for a second or two. Then bring it back in.


Then lower yourself down to the bottom position of the pull-up.


Repeat for as many complete reps/cycles of this as you can do!

It’s VERY challenging, even if you’re strong on pull-ups.

So if you need a new exercise to shake up your back training, THIS is an exercise you’re going to want to try out.



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