The Goblet Squat is one of the best way to teach (and learn!) a proper squatting movement pattern. Instead of having a barbell on your back (which does require more technique, strength and flexibility than you might think, even at lighter weight), the goblet squat forces you into proper body position while also developing the frontal core support musculature.

This version of the Goblet Squat includes lateral movement to help develop the abductor muscles, specifically the gluteus medius and minimus.

The lateral movement pattern is rarely used in everyday life yet is extremely important in most physical activities and sports. There are few straight-ahead only sports outside of a running event.

To perform this one, you’ll get set up in the Goblet position, hands underneath the top plates of a vertical dumbell.

Then take a step a few feet directly out to the side.

Now come down into a squat.

Push back up using that wide leg to get back into the start position.

Then step out to the other side.

Push back up with that outside leg and then repeat the sequence.

This exercise is excellent for developing your abductor muscles (aka the ones that move the leg away from the mid-line of the body) as well as the gluteus maximus and thigh muscles.

In addition, as I mentioned, this exercise does work the support muscles of the core (and shoulders).



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