Of course not. However, by some of their biographies, you may think they are. They will often list a string of accomplishments that sound almost identical to each other, and too good to be true… That adds  confusion for people as they attempt to decide who has the credibility, experience, and accomplishments worth listening to for getting their health/fitness/bodybuilding advice. Some of you already know me from the magazines and other places, and some may be new to the BrinkZone, and perhaps looked briefly at my bio

However, as human beings are highly visual creatures, I decided a vid on some tricks used to “pad” resumes may be of interest and utility, and show some of my own accomplishments and “creds” as it relates to the health/fitness industry. Note, there are some very smart people out there giving some great info and advice.

However, for everyone of those, there’s 100 wanna be types who truly have no business supplying the advice they do, and use all manner of tricks to sell products to people. That is bad for the industry in general in my view. Thus, it behooves people to take some extra time to perhaps track down some of the claims made by those giving advice on health, fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, etc., and don’t take claims of accomplishments at face value.

As mentioned in the vid (“See bio below this video” comments made in the vid), click HERE or the “Bio” option at the top of the page for additional info if interested.



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