When I was in High School, a funny thing happened (or actually didn’t happen):

My parents never taught me that the reason you go to college is to prepare for a career.

So, not having that knowledge, I just went to college. For sociology. It just seemed interesting, and actually, it was.

Somewhere around the beginning of my sophmore year, I first heard the oft-repeated maxim among career sociologists, which goes like this: “The only way you can make money from sociology is to teach it to others.”

(I suspect a number of fields are like this)

So my college career was fun and interesting, and ultimately worthwhile, but it makes me wonder:

How many of us go to the gym “just because”? And I wonder if our gym experience might be more fruitful if we went there for a reason- a clear, compelling reason. Interestingly, the people with the most clarification about this are pro athletes and obese people- the former for financial reasons, and the latter for even more obvious reasons. The rest of us seem mired in a fog of incertitude. We never get anywhere, but because we don’t have a frame of reference with which to measure success, we don’t even know we’re not getting anywhere.

You can’t put enough work into getting clear about outcomes. Here’s hoping this post spurs you in that direction…



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