I really wanna know…

Over the past week, I’ve had several conversations with women who’ve told me that going to the gym and (particularly) lifting weights is intimidating for them.

I know I should already realize this, and I guess I do, but I really want your feedback on this issue.

Specifically, I’m wondering exactly what you find intimidating…is it the big dudes grunting and groaning over at the squat rack? Is it the endless array of machinery? Is it simply not knowing where to start and what to do? Is it something else that I’ve not even thought of?

Incidentally, a lot of you girls don’t give yourselves enough credit in my opinion…after all, lots of you are already participating in very skill-intensive step, cardio, dance, and similar classes right? Now from a guy’s point of view, THAT’S intimidating!

OK, over to you…let me hear your take on this subject! Just click the “comment” link above to post your message.



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