Versatility of the Slayer Barbell


In my prior post and video with the Slayer Barbell I focused on arm training, the “bread and butter” of this bar. However, as this latest video shows,  it’s a very versatile piece of equipment for  home or commercial gym use.  This whole body program I did with figure competitor and model Kelly Anne DeCollibus shows this to be an effective piece of equipment that has a very small foot print. A workout like this can be done in minimum space and easily finished in under and hour depending on the pace you keep and number off sets of each exercise you perform. It’s going to hit all major muscle groups and allow for a wide variety of workouts.

One can do it as circuits, complexes, or straight sets, depending on goals. Beginners might do one set of each exercise 2-3 times per week, while more advanced trainers might do 3 sets per exercise while increasing the weight, and or reps, as they progress. One could also do the lower body workout one day, followed the the upper body portion the next day, then take a day off. Just a few possibilities on how to construct a program using the Slayer. Obviously it would change if there was additional equipment involved, etc.

If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that allows whole body training for conditioning, metabolic work, ‘burning’ calories, and general fitness, that takes up minimal space, the Slayer Barbell would be on my short list. If I was looking to build a highly effective home gym for around 1k, a Slayer Barbell with stand, TRX suspension Trainer, set of sand bags from Ultimate Sandbag, a balance ball, and perhaps a kettle bell or two, would cover it well for overall fitness, conditioning, “functional” training, metabolic work, etc.

No, it’s not a set up design for say bodybuilders or power lifters per se. That’s pretty much my home set up BTW when I can’t get to the gym and the products on that list can be found in my Approved Stuff section if looking for more info. For more information on the Slayer Barbell, hit HERE




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