Yes, literally, and could save other children from a lifetime of ill health easily avoided. Genetic disorders effect millions of children, and there’s 29 currently screened for by simple blood test, but not the one this baby and others suffer from.  Some children have been mistakenly diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (and likely other disorders) when in fact it was an easily treatable disorder known as GAMT deficiency or simply “creatine deficiency disorder.” GAMT deficiency, which can be tested for easily, has some researchers pushing for newborn screening that would use the same blood test that screens for 29 recommended disorders. Without early intervention, brain damage can be permanent, so it must be caught early.

This recent story really brings home how this inexpensive non-toxic nutritional supplement could be a life saver for children with this easily testable genetic disorder:

Child diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy had creatine deficiency

A developmental pediatrician diagnosed John with Cerebral Palsy, then at 13 months, a second opinion changed everything. A team at Duke University Medical Center diagnosed him with a creatine deficiency, known as gamt deficiency.”

“Creatine is essential to the body storing and retrieving energy for normal function of muscle and brain. John’s body wasn’t making any. Within a few months of his diet and adding supplements, John began to walk and talk.

“Watching him develop and grow and do things that at one point i thought he’d never do, was incredible to watch,” Melissa said.

“Melissa is thankful John is one of the lucky ones.

As anyone knows who follows my stuff, I have been a big proponent of creatine (as monohydrate) for decades, and the studies continue to grow showing a wide variety of potential health benefits and may directly impact various disease. I don’t think there’s anyone who would not benefit in some way from this supplement at this point. If you want more info on the various benefits of creatine, my free creatine report goes into depth on that and searching the BrinkZone will also bring up articles and vids. There’s also some creatine buying advice in my “BrinkZone Approved” section of the site.



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