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If you have read my articles and seen my vids, you know I’m a fan of thick bar/FatGripz training for anyone interested in improving their grip, arm strength, and overall functional strength for sports such as strongman, MMA, power lifting, and daily life. It’s a “must have” tool in the training tool box in my view.  If you need a refresher on the benefits of thick bar/FatGripz training, take a look at the write up and vid I did a while back HERE, then come back to this page. I can wait!

The makers of FatGripz have come out with the FatGripz Extreme. The Extreme model is thicker than the standard FatGripz, getting closer in size to what strong man competitors actually train and compete with. World class power lifter, top coach, and Founder of Elite Fitness had this to say about these new Extreme grips:

“…these are the best grips I have ever used. While they all serve slightly different purposes these Fat Gripz Extremes have more uses than all the others combined.
If you are looking to add variety to your training, work around minor shoulder/elbow aches, and increase neuro-muscular activation, give FAT GRIPZ EXTREME a try!”

I would agree with Dave. While I personally tend to stick with the standard sized FatGripz for most exercises when looking to increase grip width on an exercise – such as chin ups, farmers walks, trap bar dead lifts, etc, – the addition of the new Extreme grips adds yet another dimension.

These grips are not for everyone. If you’re new to thick bar/FatGripz training, I’d recommend the standard sized FatGripz. However, if you have been using standard FatGripz for a while or have had access to thick bars, then the Extreme is a tool in your training tool box you’ll want for sure.

Here’s Dave Tate doing a set transformation curls using three different grips.  I have tried these myself and they are killer. I have also tried this technique with chin ups and deadlifts, and it’s brutal!

Standard sized go ==> Fat Gripz

Extreme Version go ==> Fat Gripz Extreme




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