As regular readers of the BrinkZone should know by now, I’m a big fan of sled work. Drag sleds are a “must have” item in my view, but the Prowler sled takes sled work to the next level. The Prowler sled has become a staple of many people’s training. However, although many who use the Prowler know what an amazing conditioning tool it is, I find few appreciate it as a true strength tool. It’s like viewing the squat as a conditioning exercise, but failing to see the squat as a movement for developing maximal strength!

The Prowler uses virtually every muscle in your body, either directly or indirectly, and is as basic as it gets. Why do so many people put a few little weights on it and run the thing around like some aerobic toy?! But seriously, the Prowler is great for conditioning (using lighter weights and pushing for speed) but it’s also great for strength and hypertrophy. If you have access to one, load that bitch up with all the weight you can stand, and push it 75-100’ for 2-3 cycles with 3-5 minutes between sets. Tell me if it’s not one of the most brutal leg workouts you have ever experienced! I find heavy Prowler work translates very well into other areas of strength training and or conditioning work.

Finally, don’t forget about my First Annual Prowler Charity push off. Great prizes, fun time, and for a great cause!!!

Info on the competition HERE

Below is a recent max Prowler day for yours truly. My new personal best on the Prowler sled O death…did that weight for 3 cycles (75′) with 3 – 5 mins between “sets.” I had serious case of Prowler flu by the end of the last cycle.



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