Gang, if you watched some of the training vids I put up – which can also be found on my SWATFitnessTraining Youtube site – you can see the training is tough. The training paid off however and it was “mission accomplished” for the major goals we set:

Goal for this year, break the top 10:

The team I worked with (NEMLEC SWAT/RRT)  was 7th out of 37 teams (last year they were 14th out of 33 teams)

Be #1 team from MA:

They were the number one team from MA (there were 6-8 teams from MA). The second closest team from MA was 4 places (the MSP team) who took 11th place, a very respectable placing for their first attempt BTW.

Crack top 5 of at least one stage again:

4th in the sniper challenge

Goals not achieved:

The only set back was they were not able to repeat their 4th place finish in the PT Challenge portion of it, but still placed a very respectable 13th. We had a beat up crew this year with a lot of injuries, other teams really brought up their game this year (we were told by several teams they used my vids as their training guide!) so I can live with 13th. Below is my vid from the PT portion of this competition:



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