The vid below is a similar workout to the “Alternative Workouts for Burning Calories and Losing Fat” workout I put up recently, but minus the upper body work. This workout has forward and reverse sled drags, lunges, one leg ‘straight’ leg deadlifts, and Planks (which didn’t get filmed…) for a highly effective “functional”  leg, butt, and general conditioning workout. If more people – especially women – did more workouts like this, using low tech tools, they would get far better and faster results. I see so much wasted time in the gym on all manner of “butt firming” machines, exercises, and other time wasters, which could all be done   with a program such as this.

There’s so many productive “functional” movements that can be done with sandbags, and a few other things (such as the GymBoss Interval timer, etc)  whether used as part of a program, as an  “alternative” to their main program, etc, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ product in my view.

For high level athletes, MMA, bbers, etc, such a workout can be more of a GPP/Conditioning Day or part of the overall program, depending on goals, and  how difficult one makes the workout. Add 3-4 45lb plates to that sled, and  make the sand bag a 100lb plus bag, and all but an elite strong man will have a very challenging and productive workout.

If you want more info on sand bags (I use and recommend the sandbags from Sandbag Fitness Systems) Click HERE for more info.

See you in the gym, or on the field! 8-)



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