Welcome to my training journal that will follow my progress and experience with Will’s Hybrid Program. I have been a member of his BBR forums for some time now, and have greatly benefited from the info I found there. I kept reading about the impressive results people were having with this program, and decided to give it a try!

Although I have been very dedicated to both exercise and nutrition, I have not tried anything quite like this in the past, so I’m excited to get started. I hope BrinkZone members will follow along with my progress, and help me keep motivated. I plan to add pictures and other updates as I get used to all this. I’m also new to blogging,so bear with me. :-)

What is the Hybrid training program ?

Will Brinks Hybrid Training is…

• One of the most productive programs you will ever follow and is described as a “best of all possible worlds” routine.

• A fairly advanced multiple training program designed to produce the best overall blend of hypertrophy and leanness.

• Uses a variety of rep ranges, volume, tempo without overemphasizing any one energy pathway over the course of 12 weeks.

• Not for the beginner or poorly motivated.

• Downright fun, highly effective for altering body composition and strength gains, and for the strength athlete looking to try something different and non-traditional.

With all this in mind and having reviewed the training protocol and asking as many questions as possible from the Hybrid Program creator and Body Building Revealed author, Will Brink, I can’t wait to get officially started with my own journey on Hybrid on May 8.
I’ve been a group fitness instructor for over 5 years, am a certified personal trainer, work full time as a public policy advocate, and am mommy to a busy and beautiful two-year old princess.

Every week I’ll detail my goals, stats, and progress (with pics!).

Sumi 1 starting Hybrid

Here’s a little detail about my goals , stats, and diet.

As far as goals go, for me, it’s to get stronger and build lean body mass by keeping my body guessing with this workout.  Variety is key here.  For me, I can easily measure strength by documenting increases in reps and/or poundage after repeating the same workout in a week or so.  Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, weighted pullups/dips, barbell rows…those are some of the exercises I want to see some gains in.

At around 111.5 pounds (on a good day!) another obvious goal is to get my weight up to 115, at a minimum.  At 5”4 (and ¾!) I can stand to gain weight.  I think the only other time I felt OK about deliberately gaining weight was when I was pregnant! So this should be fun. I’m accomplishing this by eating roughly 2500 calories a day, making any adjustments if I see weight drop.  I doubt that will happen considering all the food I’m eating. The meal plan is below. I’m not calling it a diet!

To measure lean body mass, I followed Will’s recommendation to get a body fat measuring tool called Accumeasure.  After a couple of tries, the thing insisted my body fat was 13.2%.  I’m not quite so sure though.  A 9-point caliper test had me at 16% and a handheld bioimpedence tool had me at 15%.  So, maybe I’m somewhere at 15%.  I’ll repeat all the same tests in a few weeks time. I’m thinking maybe 2-3 weeks…

Finally, because the program incorporates REAL high intensity interval training, I’m looking forward to seeing gains in recovery, how fast I can step, run, or row during the working intervals.  With the help of my trusty GymBoss timer, I know I’m going to be sticking to those work times.

Of course, no one can expect to take on a program like this without eating (and in my case, a LOT). Here’s the meal plan:

Meal 1: 8 egg whites, one yolk, ½ cup oatmeal

Meals 2, 3, 4, and 5. 6 oz of lean meat, 1 cup veggies, ¾ cup brown rice. Lather, rinse, and repeat. 1 TBSP almond butter every other day.

Meal 6: 7 oz lean fish, ½ cup veggies, 4 tsps Barlean’s Omega Swirl Fish Oil (yummy!)

OK time to go eat! Wish me luck, strength, and lean body mass and please leave me as any questions you have in the comment sections below.




Sumi Singh is a diet coach, group fitness instructor,  personal trainer in Austin TX, and a mom.  She is an ISSA Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, holds her personal trainer certifications from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and the International Fitness Professionals Association, holds a certification in pre-and post-natal exercise, and is a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor. She writes for her online fitness blog at www.shailafitness.com, and is a contributing author on the BrinkZone.com.


She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Tufts University and a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University.  The strong science background gives Sumi a unique edge in being able to separate fitness fads and trends from effective approaches to fitness and nutrition.

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