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Can Creatine Help With Depression?

Yet another potential benefit of creatine may be improving the effects of SSRIs. There’s many potential health benefits of creatine  – for both brain and body – people are unaware of and can read up on via  an article I wrote in Life Extension Magazine HERE and here on  BrinkZone from  vids, articles, free report.

Now, it’s possible, it only works on women and or, only works with this particular SSRI and or only works with MDD. However, knowing that creatine improves brain metabolism in general and has other neuro-protective effects (see recent article linked for more information on that), it’s very unlikely it’s limited to women and or this particular SSRI in my opinion, but one should keep those possible limitation i mind until data shows otherwise. Good science dictates I make sure you’re at least aware of that possible limitation until additional studies done.

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again: Creatine (as monohydrate!) is one of the few supplements I would take and recommended if I didn’t exercise at all.

BTW:  The dose of creatine was 3 g/day for the first week and 5 g/day for another 7 weeks.

A Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Oral Creatine Monohydrate Augmentation for Enhanced Response to a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor in Women With Major Depressive Disorder Continue reading..

Effects of Testosterone Administration for 3 Years on Subclinical Atherosclerosis Progression in Older Men

Clinical practice guidelines rely heavily on results from randomized controlled trials (RCTs), which is the gold standard for medical research. RCTs produce evidence considered to be of the highest quality. Because RCTs are resource intensive and costly, they are typically of relatively short duration, commonly lasting for around one year.

Currently there are only a few RCTs investigating the effects of testosterone therapy for a duration of 3 years [1-4], and medical societies have long been urging for more long-term trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of testosterone therapy.[5-7]

On August 11th 2015 a notable 3-year long RCT was published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), which attracted a lot of attention.[8] While interpreted by many as showing that testosterone therapy does not confer any benefits on atherosclerosis, sexual function and quality of life, a closer look at the raw data actually shows two important positive results…

Continue reading..

The N Word

The N Word is my latest fiction story.  If you like mil/action based sci fi with a larger message, this is for you!

The N Word  Sergeant Major Lance Harris is a battle hardened soldier of the Mobile Terrain Forces and the Elite Shimmering Death Units. He’s been fighting the enemies of mankind for almost a century and there’s little he has not seen or done among the stars, and he has the scars to show for it. His latest mission has a high probability of failure with an untested xenophobic unit of wet behind the ears recruits and one alien fighting for his species very freedom.

When the mission goes from SNAFU to FUBAR, Harris has to do what the men of the Shimmering Death do best; kill without reservation or hope of self preservation. This time, the freedom and liberty of an entire species is counting on him.

All sentient creatures regardless of color, race, or species will strive for their freedom, but freedom is not free…

See more HERE


Fun gritty humorous dialogue, Immersive military action, a story with a deeper meaning that forces us to examine important socio-cultural issues. Good sci fi weaves characters and futuristic backgrounds into a believable story. The best sci fi examines deeper aspects of humanity, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and often compels us to examine ourselves in ways we may not expect. The N Word does all that and more.

Long-term testosterone treatment with different testosterone preparations – provocative results on diagnosis and adherence

Due to lack of consistent clear-cut guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of testosterone deficiency, there is a lot of confusion among both health professionals and suffering men. The multiple different testosterone preparations available further add to the complexity of testosterone treatment.

This editorial presents the intriguing results from a notable study that analyzed effects of testosterone therapy with seven different testosterone preparations, in symptomatic men who had previously been denied treatment because of “normal” baseline testosterone levels.[1] The results are quite provocative and highlight several important practical issues relating to diagnosis and treatment of testosterone deficiency…

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Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Sodas – do they Help or Hinder Fat Loss?

The potential benefits and risks of artificial sweeteners and diet sodas are hotly debated. Critics state that artificial sweeteners and diet sodas are fueling obesity [1, 2], increasing the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease [2, 3], and of causing metabolic derangements.[2]

A popular argument against consumption of sweet-tasting but non-caloric or reduced-calorie food and beverages is that this interferes with appetite and physiological energy intake regulation.[2]

Find out what latest research shows…

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Vacation Gone South I & II

Gang, I have just completed part II of my novella length fiction story that’s getting excellent reviews and feedback so far. The series  is about two buddies from a Tier One covert Special Operations unit who go on some needed R&R, and things go “south” from there. I used my personal knowledge of Panama City Panama as the back drop for this story. If you enjoyed Part I, I think you’ll enjoy Part II even more. 8-)

You can now read a review of Part I by well-known Sci Fi/Fantasy author Jason Halstead HERE. Two, I will be donating proceeds from this book to the H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps. The H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps trains vets to track and help capture those who abuse children.  Hopefully I can send solid donations to them with your help!


Part II Vacation Gone South

Part II Vacation Gone South










NOTE: If you enjoy the story please leave a review on the page the book is found as that’s essential for the ranking and sales of books on Amazon. Thanx!

Is the dieting rule – 3,500 calories per pound weight loss – correct?

A pervasive dieting mantra is that a cumulative reduction of caloric intake of 3,500 will result in a weight loss of 1 pound. This dieting rule popularly states “because 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat, if you cut 500 calories from your diet each day, or burn 500 calories extra per day from exercising (or a combination thereof) you’d lose about 1 pound a week (500 calories x 7 days = 3,500 calories) and 52 pounds in a year.

This simple weight loss rule continues to be cited on weight loss websites as well as authoritative nutrition textbooks [1, 2], scientific articles [3-6], and expert guidelines.[7] It is even common among health care professionals to believe in the 3,500 calorie rule [8], and the Patient Page on “Healthy weight loss” at The Journal of the American Medical Association website states in the first sentence on “What you need to know about weight loss” that… “A total of 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of body weight. This means if you decrease (or increase) your intake by 500 calories daily, you will lose (or gain) 1 pound per week (500 calories per day × 7 days = 3,500 calories).” [9]

However, is this really true? Most people who have ever been on a diet are probably skeptical. And rightly so. In this article I will highlight what’s wrong with the 3,500 calorie rule and present a more accurate calculator that you can use to more precisely predict how much weight loss you can except in real life from a given daily calorie reduction.

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Fish Oil for Muscle Growth

A key hallmark of aging is a progressive loss of muscle mass, which occurs independently of health status.[1] Exercise and nutrition are the two main anabolic stimuli for muscle growth and its maintenance throughout the life course.[2-11]

It is clear that maintaining high physical activity and exercise levels throughout ones lifespan reduces aging related loss of muscle mass and function, compared with living a sedentary life.[12-19] However, even active older adults and master elite athletes still experience some loss of muscle and physical performance with advancing age.[8, 13, 20]

When it comes to nutrition, high protein intake [2, 3, 10, 21] and creatine supplementation [4-8, 22] are two of the best documented interventions, which together with resistance exercise training, result in greater increases muscle mass and strength in both young [21-23] and older people [2-8, 10], and prevent its loss with aging. Here I will present the relatively unknown effects of fish oil (most well-known for its cardiovascular health promoting effects) on muscle growth (anabolism) and its possible contribution to prevention of aging related loss of muscle mass and function…

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